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The Skill and Strategy Of Fragments

Saturday, February 4th 2023

The Skill and Strategy Of Fragments

Fragments is a pioneering game, on the Ethereum blockchain, that seamlessly blends skill and strategy, utilising the composability of smart contracts to integrate generative art with game dynamics where players compose a complete cube using various NFTs, non-fungible tokens, as puzzle pieces.

Each NFT is a partial cube, and players can choose combinations of NFTs from those they have minted, or those available on the secondary market. The goal is to leverage the unique properties of these NFTs to create full cube faces, advancing up the leaderboard. With enough agency (unique application of strategy and skill given the card’s dealt) a select few players will be able to accumulate full cubes consisting of six completed faces.

With each NFT acting as a fragment of a face of a cube, players have the freedom to select and harmonise different combinations from their own minted tokens, or from those they are able to trade on the secondary market.

Fragments stand out among other projects in the space, where success is typically determined by the amount of assets one holds. As opposed to one's access to financial capital determining your influence, Fragments requires players to possess both the acumen (to select the appropriate NFTs); and the shrewdness (to navigate the secondary market or facilitate trades) - to succeed. 

As a result, owning an abundant amount of NFTs doesn't guarantee victory in the game, but rather the ability to combine them effectively - and prevent others from doing so before you!

Additionally there are extra layers of rarity and value, given the max supply of original fragment NFTs is restricted to 5000. The possible number of cubes that can be composed from these genesis mints is capped between 10 to 200, depending on players' combination choices. When two fragments are combined, they are both burned and removed from the collection. This yields a new fragment that is a combination of the previous two (1 + 1 = 1).

Ultimately, this is likely to lead to the escalation of NFT value as they become scarcer. Reducing the total fragments in circulation makes the remaining fragments even more valuable in a deflationary ecosystem.

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