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VerticalCrypto Art presents: Fundraising Auction Event for NFT-native Residency Program — on Wednesday, January 19th 2022

Monday, January 17th 2022

Our second Residency Auction Event will take place on Wednesday 19th January at 7pm UTC. An unparalleled cross-chain auction supporting ETH and Tezos.

All proceeds will go to support the ongoing crypto art residency program launched by VCA in June of 2021 for emerging creators in the Web3 space.

RSVP to event:

This Wednesday, VerticalCrypto Art (VCA), the leading curatorial media studio dedicated to NFT art, new media and metaverse culture, is delighted to announce its one-of-a-kind metaversal event: the VerticalCrypto Art Residency Auction Event in Arium Spaces.

Representing over 15 countries with a global and educational scope, the VCA Residency Auction Event marks the end of a 12-week long programme led by the second cohort of artists selected by VCA for their second Residency programme.

An exploration of digital native and new media artistry, this unparalleled, cross-chain auction supporting ETH and Tezos showcases 17 unique, 1/1 artworks and live DJ sets by Eclectic MethodGarrison Fortress and more.

The VCA Residency Auction Event takes place on Wednesday, January 19th at 7pm UTC in a custom-built metaverse space made by resident artist Mical Noelsen and Lisa Kolb (metaverse producer), featuring an exciting line up of emerging talent from the web3 space:

Ikaro Cavalcante (Occulted)

Garrison Fortress

Natalie Larrodé

Stephano Contiero

Pop Art by Beba

Gabriel Köi

Borya Shapshalova

Felipe Filgueiras

Fahmi Murysid


Mr Richi


Christian Hernandez

Pierre Gervois

Zareen Fava


Mical Noelson

Vitaly Tsarenkov

(To be embed:

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency launched in July 2021, as a rare advent within the Crypto Art community. The residency, made possible through the support of the Tezos Foundation and over 25+ mentors sharing their knowledge and education surrounding NFTs, Web3 and the blockchain, is the first ever online residency dedicated to Crypto Art and metaverse-natives. Providing classes across an array of disciplines, the VerticalCrypto Art Residency is devoted to support, uplift, educate and provide the resources to empower creators and artists around the world on metaverse native skills.

Bearing similarities to the first Residency cohort, this second cohort all have unique experiences in creative fields such architecture, documentary filmmaking, crypto-poetry, Fine Art, music, graphic design, technology, animation and illustration. Receiving mentorship on topics such as VR/AR technology, NFT histories and metaverse architecture, residents quickly adapted to the diverse, academic infrastructure that underpins the Crypto Art space over several weeks.

These unique artworks, made by incredibly talented creators, are the culmination of the creative exploration in which residents have embarked on during the 12-week programme of the VCA residency. Deploying creative gestures and artistic flair, they welcome new elements to their work which reflect new ventures in critical-thinking, explorations in practice and creative uniformity unlike ever before.

Met with metaverse production by artist Mical Noelson and Borya XYZ, the forthcoming Arium Spaces exhibition presents 1/1 works that are at once intriguing, quirky, surprising and playful.

The VCA metaverse space in Arium Spaces

On Wednesday, 5pm UTC, just before the kick off, Micol (Founder & CEO of VCA) will host an exclusive vernissage with the second cohort on Twitter Spaces. Exploring creative processes and motivations behind artworks, this panel is sure to spark an exciting and emotionally-charged dialogue between creators, mentors, collectors and the wider VCA community.

Stefano Contiero:‘Sogno Originale’ , VCA Residency Auction Event.

The syllabus of classes were led by experts from the Crypto Art community. Featuring notable figures such as Colborn Bell from the Museum of Crypto Art, Artnome’s Jason Bailey, LAL ART Crypto Art advisor Fanny Lakoubay, Vastari’s CEO and Founder Bernadine Bröcker-Wieder, Crypto Art historian Martin Lukas Ostachowski and many more, mentors helped to shape a cohesive, eight-week series of classes which inform all aspects of the Crypto Art ecosystem.

Prior to the VCA Residency Auction Event, VerticalCrypto Art’s first auction — the 1C Resident Artist Auction, presented at the VCA Auction House in September, 2021 — raised a phenomenal 12 ETH.

This hope was met with high praise from innovators within the Crypto Art community:

“The VCA residency brings something completely new and necessary to the NFT space. Introducing creators to the nuances of this ecosystem, while also incubating new talent. Such an exciting space to watch!”

Bernadine Bröcker-Wieder, CEO and Founder of Vastari Group.

All proceeds from the VCA Residency Auction Event will go towards funding future VCA Residency programmes of 2022. The VerticalCrypto Art Residency is continuing on the mission to democratising access to knowledge by providing free educational programs dedicated to creators of all kinds in the fields of NFTs, Crypto Art, Web3 and the metaverse.

As Crypto Art, NFTs and the blockchain become increasingly more sophisticated, VerticalCrypto Art seeks to nurture healthier relationships in the space by providing sound educational resources, an exchange for invaluable mentorship and a platform for artistic collaboration and experimentation on the blockchain.

The VCA Residency Auction House is powered by ourZORA and APIs.

Join us on Wednesday at 5pm UTC for our kick-off event and curatorial tour of VCA’s Arium Spaces by RSVP here:

About VerticalCrypto Art

VerticalCrypto Art is the leading web3 curatorial media studio for NFT fine art, digital art and new media. Founded by Micol Ap in June of 2020, VerticalCrypto Art has been elevating the discourse around metaverse culture through curated content, exhibitions, and special auctions.

Pioneering the first ever Crypto Art Residency programme, VerticalCrypto Art supports creators from around the world by providing tools, resources and skills to help navigate and approach the NFT ecosystem.

Dedicated to the advancement of NFTs and Crypto Art, VCA is also an incubator for new generations of upcoming creative talent, connecting emerging artists with the larger network of thought leaders within the Web3 community.


Micol Apruzzese, Co-Founder and CEO.





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