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Linea Recta by Moodsoup

30th May, 2pm UTC | 10am EST

VerticalCrypto Art presents Linea Recta - a long form generative art collection by Stefan Reyniers aka Moodsoup

Linea Recta will be released on Tuesday 30th May at 2pm UTC | 10am EST on



Linea Recta explores the geometric theme of non-intersecting line segments. In short: no two lines in this design are allowed to cross each other. By incorporating various boundaries and shapes, constraining line angles, adjusting line density and applying several other techniques, a wide range of intricate compositions is produced. The inability to truly connect can be interpreted as a metaphor for modern day life where we are flooded with digital means of communication but often struggle or fail to connect on a deeper, interpersonal level. This project thus reflects on the paradoxical nature of our increasingly interconnected yet isolated existence.

Linea Recta will be released as a long form generative art project via Art Blocks Engine. The collection will be capped at 150 artworks. 


Release Date: Tuesday 30th May at 2pm UTC | 10am EST

Price: 0.06 ETH 

Learn more about Linea Recta here


About Moodsoup

Stefan Reyniers, operating under the moniker Moodsoup, has always been fascinated by the interface and tension between art and science. His work centers on curiosity about the workings of the world and a genuine sense of wonder, aiming to bring his audience on a journey of exploration. 

As a graphic designer and web developer, he has been experimenting with creative coding for the past two decades. Following the rise and fall of Flash, he transitioned to using Processing, and later on, JavaScript and p5js.

Stefan’s work can take on a variety of forms: a digital still image, an animation, a long-form collection, a physical pen plot, a fine-art print, or a combination of these.

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